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DIY Curious

Have you ever wanted to silkscreen your own designer t-shirts and fabrics? Here's your chance. Silkscreening, or screenprinting, is everywhere. Screenprinting is one of the most versatile, low-tech, and easy printing methods available. This beginner-level workshop covers:

  • - Image and Text Design
  • - Paper, Clothing, & Textile Methods
  • - Screen Construction
  • - Printing Base Construction
  • - Exposure Systems
  • - Press Setup & Registration
  • - Printing Techniques
  • - Ink & Mesh Selection
  • - Production Tips & Tricks
  • - Equipment Maintenance
  • - General Troubleshooting
  • - Extensive Q & A's


“Andy's screenprinting class was a Saturday afternoon well spent. It's DIY screeningprinting taught by a true DIYer, presented very clearly and full of tips and advice based on his years of experience. We left the class excited and confident that we too could start screen-printing at home. It's exactly what we were looking for. Thank you, Andy!” -Liz T., San Francisco, Calif.

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upcoming classes

-January 21st, 2011(Friday)

@ Alt Design Summit, SLC, UT

check availability

-January 29th, 2011(Saturday)

@ 100th Monkey Studio, Portland, OR

check availability

-March 5th, 2011(Saturday)

@ Ferney Studio, San Francisco, CA

check availability

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